Pacwest CEO and Instructor

Lisa is like many of those in the Pacific Northwest who grew up in a family with guns in the home. As a young adult, Lisa purchased a handgun and shot occasionally throughout her life. However, in 2010, after multiple close call situations while living in the Portland area, Lisa decided to purchase a handgun for personal protection and everyday carry. She began training with her firearm, and eventually came across a ladies-only group that she began shooting with. After shooting for a few years, Lisa began teaching friends how to shoot. Lisa quickly realized she had a knack for working with people and a passion for helping others learn to protect themselves. She decided to focus her energy on teaching other civilians how to defend themselves.

In 2018, Lisa began instructing at a local gun club, actively teaching with the club’s practical application team. She helps teach a new member evaluation class that focuses on marksmanship and safety, as well as a Handgun Fundamentals classes, Action Range Fundamentals classes, Action Range Certification classes, Concealed Handgun Classes, and Introduction to Kubotan Self Defense. In 2019 Lisa began volunteering her time as a co-leader with another female instructor for her local ladies-only shooting group.

Lisa is certified as a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home instructor, NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, NRA Refuse to Be a Victim instructor. She is also certified by the Utah BCI to teach Utah non-resident CHL classes, and currently offers Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Arizona Concealed Handgun License classes. Lisa teaches multi-state CHL classes and offers private lessons at local ranges in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, Lisa has obtained advanced medical training and is certified in Bleeding Control, First Aid, CPR and AED.