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Assistant Instructor Class

Cost: $275

This class is an introduction on how to teach. It is designed for those individuals who are wanting to become a firearms instructor but do not have much training or experience doing so. Starting as an Assistant Instructor (AI) is a great way to get your feet wet. This class is also helpful for instructors who work with a cadre of others, and may take turns taking the lead, and helping out as a line coach. Training includes classroom learning, dry fire exercises and live fire exercises.


Prerequisite: NRA Instructor certification and/or NRA RSO certification.

We cove topics such as:

  • Defining critical roles

  • Communication

  • Coverage

  • Choreography

  • Control

  • Where to stand, what to look for

  • Scan techniques

  • How/when to correct or coach

  • Emergency situations

  • and more...

8 hour class (Includes lunch break)

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