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Concealed Carry 101: A How-To Course

Cost: $125.00

This is a How-To course for those who are getting ready to apply, or have already received their concealed carry permit, but aren’t ready to carry yet. Topics include:

  • How to pick a gun (caliber and frame size)

  • How to pick a carry position

  • How to pick a holster

  • Dressing to conceal

  • How to draw

  • How to reholster

  • Carry ammo vs. practice ammo

  • How to avoid a confrontation: awareness, avoidance and de-escalation

  • Rules of Engagement (self-defense vs murder)

  • What to do After an altercation


There will be hands-on time with dummy guns and a variety of holsters in class. This will help in deciding where your concealment sweet spot is and how to get there. This is a Concepts and Mindset class, not a shooting class. For defensive shooting skills, see our Defensive Skills track of classes.

4 hour class

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