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Mike has been an active, NRA-certified firearms instructor since 2006, spending the first three years learning the craft as a volunteer instructor under the mentorship of senior instructors with the Portland Firearms Training Team.  Since 2009, Mike has been working as a paid instructor, focusing on developing solid pistol fundamentals with new shooters, and self-defense and use of deadly force skills for the more experienced shooter who is willing to be their own first responder. 


Mike strives to deliver top-notch instruction to his students by continually honing his own knowledge and skills through extensive training and study with such industry leaders as Massad Ayoob, Tom Givens, Rob Pincus, Marty Hayes, Grant Cunningham, Mike Seeklander, and Attorney Andrew F. Branca. Mike believes every instructor or teacher needs to regularly be placed in the shoes of a student.


Up until 2018, Mike worked as an operations manager for a large “sneaker” company.  Since retiring from the corporate gig, Mike has been able to dedicate more time to instructing, as well as working as a range safety officer at a local gun range, interacting with the club's 6,000 members to keep them safe.  When not at the range, you will find him traveling, cycling, and downhill skiing with his wife and friends.

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