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Michiko was raised in a small town in Northern California where guns were always kept at hand, and she knew how to shoot from a young age.  Over the years, between being personally subjected to incidents where guns were used to intimidate and threaten, and later married to a law enforcement officer, she began to pursue more formal training in handguns. In 2017 she obtained her NRA Range Safety Officer certification, as well as the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor certificate. During the same year, she began 9 months of immersive handgun courses, studying revolvers and semi-autos, defensive tactics, and researching case studies involving officer shootouts.


Michiko has been a member of both co-ed and ladies only shooting leagues and is currently a Range Safety Officer for a local gun club as well as RSO for A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League, in Sherwood, OR.  She has recently taken up Speed Steel competition and is pursuing ongoing training in pistol and rifle.  She holds several CHLs in multiple states, and is current in Stop the Bleed, First Aid, AED, and CPR. 


She is enthusiastic about working with women in particular; encouraging them to have the confidence and ability to safely handle firearms for sport or protection.

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