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Try Before You Buy

Cost: $150.00

It's always a good idea to test-fire a gun before you spend the money on it. "Try Before you Buy" is a chance to do just that. This is not a training class. The expectation is that you can demonstrate safe gun handling at the start of this session. The instructor(s) will show you the intricacies of each firearm if needed. Test up to four different guns. 40 rounds of ammunition will be included in the cost of the class. 

Additional ammo may be provided by student or purchased for the current market value. Please bring a baseball style hat, eye and ear protection, and factory-loaded ammo for the firearms you wish to shoot.

Class duration: 90 minutes. Includes a safety briefing and required student demonstration of safe firearm handling with inert training guns prior to live fire. This class is availalbe upon request only. Limit 2 poeple max, and sharing the same firearms.

Please contact instructor at: “” no later than 48 hours prior to the start of class to indicate your choice of the 3 firearms you would like to try. If no selection is made, instructor will bring their choice of 9mm and 22 lr.


Firearms available:

.22 lr

Glock 44

Ruger Mark IV Lite

GSG 1911

Ruger 10/22

Smith and Wesson MP 15-22


Sig P238


Sig P226 SAO Legion

Sig P365

Sig P320 Compact

Sig P320 Full Size

Walther PPQ M2 Sub Compact

Walther PPQ 4"

Walther PDP-F Series 3.5"

Glock 19

Glock 17

Glock 34

Smith and Wesson MP 2.0

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