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Oregon Ballot Measure 114

On November 8, 2022 Oregon voters passed a major gun control bill called Ballot Measure 114. (This was orignally called IP 17). The new gun control bill will make some sgnificant changes to gun laws in Oregon. These include a "large capacity" magazine ban which is any magazine holding over 10 rounds. Additionally, the state of Oregon will now require all citizens to take a training class and then obtain a license to purchase any firearm. 

Ballot Measure 114 is a gross violation of our second amendment rights. Nearly all handguns on the market have a capacity larger than 10 rounds. This will force most citizens with a currently legal concealed carry gun to go unarmed until they can buy a new gun and/or a 10 round version of their magazine. Additionally, the training and permit requirement will essesntially HALT all firearm purchases in Oregon until the details can be worked out by the powers that be. (Coincidence? I think not.) 

I have personally reached out to the Oregon State Police, the Washington County Police Department and Tri-County Gun Club regarding the training matter. Unfortunately, no one has any answers about this yet, as the bill puts a significant amount of responsibility on police agencies to get this program set up, with little direction and zero resources. I am working on getting a training program in order to process people through the training portion as quickly as I can, with as little cost to citizens as I can possibly manage. I will post more about this process as I learn more.

To read the full text of Ballot Measure 114, you can click the link below, which will take you to the Oregon Secretary of State website. Or, you can download the 12-page PDF of it by clicking here.

In The Meantine

I am NOT an attorney and cannot offer legal advise. But what I would suggest doing is to start looking for 10 round magazines for the firearm you carry.

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