Pacwest Defense focuses on building a solid foundation for people to begin their journey in firearm use and conceal carry. From private lessons and CHL classes, to home defense and situational awareness training, we can help you establish the skills you need to defend yourself inside the home and out.

Shooting Practice


Empowerment Through Education

Over the years, our reputation has grown as our clients go on to become knowledgeable gun owners. Through engaging and hands-on training, Pacwest Defense Firearms Training continuously cultivates responsible gun owners. If this is what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more.

"So far I have received about 10 hours of personal instruction from Lisa.  I think I am an intermediate level shooter and certainly qualify as a Senior citizen.  I carry a 9mm pistol.   So far Lisa has helped me improve significantly in the following areas (or taught me many things I did not know.)   Safe gun handling; situational awareness and tactical movements; drawing from a holster both outside and inside carry; target acquisition and accuracy; multiple targets; targets with ‘bad guys” mixed with “good guys”; shooting while moving; reloading while moving; one hand shooting; moving cover to cover while shooting one handed; safely moving a gun from one hand to the other;  range safety precautions and rules.  She doesn’t force me to do everything her way but takes into consideration my physical limitations and preferences (if safe).  She explains things clearly and demonstrates when necessary.  She is very knowledgeable and professional.  I would readily recommend her to anyone wanting to improve shooting skills."

Larry T.

Beaverton, OR


Vancouver, WA, USA

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